Each of us is longing for more in life which so ever sphere it might be. No matter what we have, it never seems to be enough. We always have that craving for better job, bigger house, higher pay packet and so on. The list is endless. We never pause, think and reflect on what we have.

Instead, we always focus on what we don’t have and always feel the void due to lack of that particular thing. Scarcity is the feeling with which most of us live. In fact, it has to be other way round. Each day, each moment we should feel the abundance. Don’t we have so much in our lives? Good health, loving family, great education, wonderful job and one could go on and on. We need to focus on what we have and be thankful for it. When are thankful for what we have, we create peace, positivity and calmness within ourselves.

This feeling of gratitude creates good vibes not only within us but also around us and also in the persons / institutions / things to whom we are thankful.

When we feel thankful, we are conveying that we have abundance. This sense of abundance creates more abundance. When we are always looking to have more without being thankful for all we have got, we are sending a message of scarcity in the universe and we would never have enough.

With that feeling of lack, we send negative vibes to the universe and with each grumbling of not being good enough or not having enough, we unconsciously re-enforce the message of scarcity in our lives. And we would never be able to get what we want.

Even if we lack in something, we should think, feel and act as if we have abundance in that aspect. This can be further amplified by being thankful and grateful from the core of our heart for all we have got. By this we create positive energy in and around us. We feel happy. We feel good. Not only this, we attract what we desire in life.

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